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Indiana University Bloomington

Publication Date

Spring 2018

Program Name

Switzerland: Global Health and Development Policy


With the large number of refugee children currently displaced due to war and conflict, there is a necessity to look into alleviating any resulting trauma so that these children don’t face further social or health effects later in life. The study focuses on how to improve psychosocial care for child refugees in the Schengen zone suffering from war trauma. Through a combination of research done using existing literature and interviews with experts, there were three main findings on improving psychosocial support for this population. These include improving consolidation of psychosocial programs and focusing on education, having greater cultural awareness when working with children, and acknowledging the resilience of children when addressing trauma. These results call for changes in approaches to psychosocial care and the study encourages greater awareness in host populations. Further research on specific populations within this group would be beneficial.


Child Psychology | Family, Life Course, and Society | Migration Studies | School Psychology