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Luther College

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Spring 2018

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Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management


Madagascar is a diverse island, biologically and geographically. This has led to the development of endemic species and high biodiversity within the landscape. Unfortunately, due to poverty, extraction of natural resources, and a growing population, these species have become threatened. Agnolakely, is a private nature reserve, located in eastern Madagascar that is trying to combat these challenges through reforestation projects and land protection. Agnolakely is not only of ecological value, but is also integral in the community structure. As Agnolakely expands it has become essential to implement education and outreach for the reserve. This study was designed to collect biological and social information about Agnolakely and the surrounding area to inform educational and published materials. The development of the educational materials for primary school aged children were based on research supporting experiential learning and links between the environment and the community. Trail activities, pre- and post- lessons for primary schools, a field guide, and a brochure were created using the information from this study.


African Languages and Societies | African Studies | Biodiversity | Elementary Education | Environmental Education | Environmental Policy | Environmental Sciences | Forest Management | Outdoor Education | Sustainability


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