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University of Virginia

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Spring 2018

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Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights


The purpose of this ISP is to explore the relationship between the esoteric dimensions of Islam in Morocco, as expressed through two examples ṭuruq: the Qādiriyya Budshishiyya and Tijāniyya in Morocco to explore power dynamics of Sufi ṭuruq in Morocco. The Qādiriyya Budshishiyya and Tijāniyya serve as apt case studies as two of the most prominent Sufi ṭuruq in Morocco. They also have interesting implications as the Qādiriyya Budshishiyya has in recent years seen an increase in clout and influence in Morocco as Ahmad Tawfiq, the Moroccan Minister for Habus and Islamic Affairs has affiliations with the ṭarīqah and the Tijāniyya has been utilized as well in recent years as a means to strengthen relations with other African countries via means of spirituality. Within the ISP, I will explore my own academic background in the field of religious studies; background contextualization of Islam in Morocco, Sufism, and Sufism in Morocco – more specifically in terms of the Qādiriyya Budshishiyya and Tijāniyya, through a series of literary research; the interviews and anonymous surveys that I conducted during my time in Morocco; and re-contextualize everything through my own framework and positionality in terms of methodology and conclusions drawn.


African Studies | Family, Life Course, and Society | Social and Cultural Anthropology


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