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Washington University in St. Louis

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Spring 2018

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Tunisia and Italy: Politics and Religious Integration in the Mediterranean


In this paper, I seek to answer two principal questions: what motivates candidates in La Marsa to run on independent lists, and what differentiates each of La Marsa’s four independent lists from each other? Through interviews with candidates and from campaign materials such as Facebook pages, brochures, and videos, I have found that the fundamental lack of confidence in extant Tunisian political parties and processes has led candidates to align with independent, or citizen, lists for the May 2018 municipal elections. Candidates’ focus on unique, local, and decentralized issues also plays a factor in their rejection of partisan politics in this election.

The main differences between La Marsa’s four independent lists are the level of detail that each list gave to their programs and the way by which each list formed. La Marsa Change and Alwen El Marsa appear to have had the most comprehensive programs, as well as the most active campaign cycle both online and in-person, and the preliminary election results reflect this planning and activity.


African Studies | Other Political Science | Political Science


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