Publication Date

Summer 2018

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India: Agroecology and Food Security in the Himalaya


Our final project aimed to validate indigenous knowledge and empower younger generations about their rich, organic farming practices while also debunking the stereotypes of American food culture. Additionally, we aimed to reverse the sense of inferiority about agricultural practices in Sikkim amongst young people. The first component will consist of a cooking activity focused around forgotten foods. The second part of the project compares the preparation process of two dishes– one made in Sikkim and the other from the United States. The first poster compares a traditional Himalayan dish with a typical American dish. The second compares the sourcing of the two dishes comparing the local farmer with the factory farm. The last portion was a short theater performance with 8-13 year olds from the village that simply illustrates the history of industrial farming and the negative effects it had on land, food, and health.


Asian Studies | Family, Life Course, and Society | Food Studies | Sociology of Culture


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