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University of Redlands

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Fall 2006

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Cyprus: Transnational Identities and Inter-communal Relations


This paper attempts to reveal what the citizens of Cyprus, both in the Republic of Cyprus and in the “TRNC,” think about the property problem in Cyprus. It explains what the problem is, and what actions can be taken to find a solution, in addition to what has already been done in the past. The property problem is one of the most critical, if the not the most critical facet of the Cyprus problem. To get the opinions of a wide range of people, this research includes personal interviews with displaced individuals (both Greek and Turkish Cypriot), interviews with political leaders, and with academics who have studied the property problem. Naturally, the two sides of the Cyprus issue have not yet found a remedy that will be suitable for both parties and that will not initiate more problems for the future. However, there are several options that are considered and highlighted in this paper.


Peace and Conflict Studies | Public Policy


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