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Santa Clara University

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Fall 2018

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Iceland and Greenland: Climate Change and The Arctic


With global CO2 levels rising every year, climate change is becoming a larger, looming threat. Cities around the world have an important role in reducing the negative impacts of climate change through strategic and sustainable urban planning. The purpose of this study is to conduct an introductory analysis of Geldinganes island and its potential and capacity for land development that will support and expand upon the city of Reykjavik’s 2010-2030 municipal plan and 2040 climate neutrality goals. Within this study three proposals for Geldinganes are considered, the current proposal and two new proposals. The lowest development impact proposal for Geldinganes is leaving it as it currently exists, preserving it as a green space with the potential for adding minimal infrastructure to increase public accessibility to the island. This is the plan for Geldinganes within the current municipal plan. The second proposal of medium development impact is to forest the island with native birch trees. This plan simultaneously preserves the area as a green space and provides a carbon sink for the city. Lastly, the highest impact plan considered is to develop a wind turbine farm on Geldinganes, creating an additional renewable energy source for the city to help it meet its increasing energy demands with the potential to support a growing electric transportation industry.


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Eastern European Studies | Environmental Health | Environmental Studies | Place and Environment


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