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University of Oregon

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Fall 2018

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Jordan: Geopolitics, International Relations, and the Future of the Middle East


This paper assesses the impact of foreign involvement on the effectiveness of political reform organizations in Jordan. Through the qualitative analysis of the democratization work of completely foreign-funded international organizations, partially foreign-funded Jordanian organizations, and Jordanian organizations that do not receive foreign funding, derived from several interviews conducted with democracy practitioners in international and local NGOs, political activists, scholars, and others, this paper examines the effect of foreign involvement on organizational strategies, credibility, and effectiveness, ultimately arguing that foreign involvement (and conversely, the lack thereof) has several effects on the way political reform organizations have carried out their activities. This study can hopefully be used to help both foreign and Jordanian policymakers and activists understand the way in which foreign involvement can help and/or impede democratic progress in Jordan.


Civic and Community Engagement | International Relations | Near and Middle Eastern Studies | Near Eastern Languages and Societies | Political Science | Politics and Social Change | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration


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