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University of Connecticut

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Fall 2018

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Morocco: Migration and Transnational Identity


My research seeks to understand the intersection between migration and intercultural mediation through a Moroccan context. The increase of undocumented and documented Sub-Saharans flowing into Morocco through the Western Mediterranean route creates an increase in intercultural spaces within Moroccan society. By analyzing Sub-Saharan livelihoods and discrimination in Morocco I address how ineffective intercultural communication creates tensions between Moroccan nationals and Sub-Saharan Migrants. By applying intercultural mediation theory I come to understand how intercultural mediation can be applied between these two cultural groups. I specifically analyze the capacity of Moroccan civil organizations to act as intercultural mediators between Moroccan communities and Sub-Saharan migrant groups (both undocumented migrants or migrants with refugee status). This research was carried out by conducting three case studies of civil organizations in Morocco who utilize unique methodologies to facilitate intercultural mediation efforts between Moroccan citizens and Sub-Saharan migrants. These case studies concentrated on Foundation Orient-Occident’s intercultural language courses, Manos Solidarias’ intercultural sensitivity workshops, and the Association de la Diaspora Congolaise au Maroc’s intercultural football tournament. Through an analysis of secondary and primary sources, interviews with these organizations' staff members, as well as supplemental interviews with Sub-Saharan migrants, I have come to analyze the methodologies, capacity, and limitations that civil organizations in Morocco face when conducting intercultural mediation in Morocco.


African Studies | Demography, Population, and Ecology | Inequality and Stratification | International and Area Studies | International Relations | Migration Studies | Peace and Conflict Studies | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies


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