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Hope College

Publication Date

Fall 2018

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India: Sustainable Development and Social Change


My internship experience at KIRAN allowed my newly lit interest in holistic education to connect with my lifelong passion for disability rights. Prior to my study abroad experience, I had been interested in alternative education and the role that empowerment plays in student success. I devoted research papers, conversations, and volunteer work to these fields and the organizations that contributed to them. However, I always separated these interests from my passion for disability rights. KIRAN has shown me not only the many ways in which holistic education can coincide with disability rights, but the necessity that it does. From my observations and research, I have come to conclude that a strong sense of community is the ultimate bridge between empowerment and education for students of all abilities. This paper tries to justify this conclusion with detailed descriptions of my work at KIRAN, my research on broaders fields pertaining to child rights, community psychology, and inclusive education, and the perspectives of my wonderful coworkers.


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