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Bowdoin College

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Fall 2006

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Australia: Identity and Public Policy in a Multicultural Society


The indigenous population of Australia faces a life expectancy that is eighteen years lower than the general population. This study addresses this incredible disparity by exploring the historical, cultural and social forces that impact on health status, focussing especially on health care service utilisation. Qualitative methods of interviewing and participant observation have been used to examine the two sectors of Aboriginal health service delivery in urban Victoria: Aboriginal community controlled health organisations (ACCHOs) and mainstream organisations. Accounting for the complex forces and realities in health service delivery, this is a discussion of the important components of the current realities for ACCHOs and mainstream organisations providing care to indigenous people. Further, it proposes a necessary future direction to improve current care: the forging of partnerships between the two sectors.


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Inequality and Stratification | Public Health


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