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Wake Forest University

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Fall 2018

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Nepal: Development and Social Change


This paper analyzes and relays information collected from a series of interviews with anti-trafficking organizations in Nepal. The organizations included are Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN), Maiti-Nepal, Saathi Nepal, Tiny Hands Nepal, and Women’s Rehabilitation Centre Nepal (WOREC). Each organization approaches the fight against sex trafficking differently. This paper breaks down the methods of addressing sex trafficking into three main categories: prevention, rescue, and rehabilitation. In addition to this, other articles and resources on this topic are explored to explain the enablers of sex trafficking in Nepal. A cross-analysis is conducted between the various anti-trafficking methods used by organizations within Nepal and research done on the breakdown of these methods, in order to optimize and enhance the current methods in use.


Asian Studies | Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance | Work, Economy and Organizations


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