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Claremont McKenna College

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Fall 2018

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Mongolia: Nomadism, Geopolitics, and the Environment


The tourism industry in Mongolia has relatively low levels of regulation and is growing at a high rate despite struggling to increase tourist numbers, yet it still remains comparatively inaccessible to foreigners. Regardless, tourism holds huge potential for sustainable growth in Mongolia if it can be developed responsibly. For foreigners right now, it is difficult compared to other countries to figure out how to travel and find accomodation in a place where the main tourist attraction is a lack of people and an abundance of open space, and the majority of people in these places do not speak English. Furthermore, a lack of professionalism and standards across the industry make it challenging for Mongolia to deliver a consistent, quality service. While Mongolia offers a travel destination unlike anywhere else in the world, these high barriers to entry make it difficult for Mongolians to capitalize on. This study seeks to interact with private tour companies, government agencies, and local guides to understand exactly how the industry operates, and in turn analyze how it could improve to become more accessible, profitable, and responsible, and therefore more successful for travelers and Mongolia’s economy as a whole.


Asian Studies | Growth and Development | Tourism | Work, Economy and Organizations


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