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Beloit College

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Fall 2006

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Australia: Identity and Public Policy in a Multicultural Society


The purpose of this study is to observe the involvement that the city of Sydney has with the public arts attraction. Furthermore, the study will hopefully shed light on the importance of public art in Sydney and how it is an important aspect of cultural heritage. In addition to this, the analysis will cover the methods in which its venue is made accessible to the public through financial means and through aesthetic appeal. In order to uncover these objectives, the function and history of Sculpture by the Sea will be studied as well as the policies and or stance that the Sydney council has directed towards public arts. The study will be conducted by means of extensive research on the event itself, research on the analysis of cultural heritage promotion through the uses of public art, and research of corporate sponsorship of public sculpture in Australia. Intern volunteer fieldwork at the Sculpture by the Sea Festival will be conducted, which will provide interviews with organizers of the event as well as artists exhibiting pieces. Survey methodology will be conducted through the festival’s people’s choice ballots in order to observe the public’s reaction to the event and its interest in the artwork.


History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology


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