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University of Vermont

Publication Date

Fall 2018

Program Name

Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights


This project is a creative piece that consists of ten poems and a critical analysis of artistic vocabularies utilized by women writers: Aicha Bassry, Furugh Farrukhzad, and Fatima Mernissi. I argue that their speaking together, especially through multiple voices, is a political act that can be privileged above normative discussions of art currently. This comes from the common worlds they build in their poetic and scholarly work, which despite differences in voice and vocabulary, centralize women. I define artistic vocabulary in this project as the transformation that takes place when image is translated into word. I explore this idea of multiple voices through a series of erasure poems based on five from Aicha Bassry. I consider the artistic medium of the poem as a site of contestation of voice, authenticity, and authority— a place to test the third spaces of these writers.


African Languages and Societies | African Studies | Comparative Literature | Poetry | Women's History | Women's Studies