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University of Oregon

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Fall 2018

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Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights


This video project has an overarching goal to question the influence the natural environment has on the development of individual people and society as a whole. It begins by looking into the important role played by creativity in societal and economic development. From here a brief background is given on the requirements of maintaining and producing a creative environment. The piece alludes to the possibility that a relationship with nature has a deeper meaning than just being conducive to creativity. It also shows the effects pollution has had on the work of local artists and briefly the challenges faced by Moroccan artists. To conclude it offers a sense of hope for Moroccan artists by mentioning that challenge in an environment has been deemed a stimulant to creativity (Evans, McCoy, 2002). Regardless of challenges improvement can be made by becoming conscious of the influence of the natural environment. The video aims to be exploratory as well as thorough and factual. Material is drawn from analysis of scholarly literature, quotes from a developmental psychologist, and interviews of artists and artist hopefuls.


African Languages and Societies | African Studies | Art and Design | Broadcast and Video Studies | Environmental Studies | Film and Media Studies | Place and Environment | Sociology of Culture


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