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Colby College

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Spring 2019

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Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management


The purpose of this project was to initiate a place-based coral reef education project, with the ultimate goal of improved localized conservation efforts in the face of growing global threats. Three principal groups that interact with coral reefs on Nosy Be were interviewed: fishers, tourist guides, and conservationists. Research was conducted on the biology of coral reefs, and on the most prominent threats facing coral reefs in the Indian Ocean and around Nosy Be. Information and direct quotes from interviews, and the results of research, were incorporated into a photographic journal entitled "In the House of the Fish" or "An-tragno ny Laoko." The journal was written in English and translated into Malagasy and distributed to fishers and tourist guides on Nosy Be. The photo journal aimed to be collaborative, focusing on existing local stories and knowledge regarding coral reefs. The goal was to inspire conservation by reminding target groups of existing personal connections to, and efforts to protect, an ecosystem in danger.


African Studies | Biodiversity | Environmental Education | Environmental Monitoring | Environmental Policy | Environmental Studies | Marine Biology | Oceanography | Photography | Place and Environment


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