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Tulane University

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Spring 2019

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Tanzania-Zanzibar: Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management


Coral bleaching and reef health were studied in fringing reefs around Misali Island, Tanzania. Over a 28-day period, 1,329 coral colonies were surveyed along 31 transects. For each colony, data was collected on growth form and bleaching severity. No significant differences in bleaching frequency or intensity were observed between the resource extraction and non-extraction zones protected under the Pemba Channel Marine Conservation Area (PECCA). Bleaching was observed to be extensive across all coral growth forms and was found to collectively increase over the study period in frequency and intensity. This study indicates the vulnerability of Misali coral reefs to bleaching and reef degradation and draws attention to the ecological instability caused by global change and anthropogenic impact.


African Studies | Climate | Environmental Sciences | Environmental Studies | Oceanography


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