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University of Puget Sound

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Spring 2019

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Tanzania: Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology


The subject of this study is women involved in Community-Based Conservation (CBC) from areas surrounding Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. CBC is a participatory process between people and organizations who have responsibilities affecting conservation. Communities surrounding protected conservation areas tend to experience high levels of poverty and marginalization due to exclusive conservation policies and the lack of co-management principles. Although tourism revenue is abundant in these locations, the benefits rarely impact local community members that disproportionately experience the effects of conservation. This is especially true for women who hold the responsibilities of collecting firewood, cooking, tending to livestock, farming, and sending their children to school. Effective CBC requires integrating conservation with the socio-economic requirements of local people while implementing policies that promote collective responsibility and conservation education. Is there a relationship between effective CBC and the feeling of empowerment within women involved in the conservation process? This study found a positive correlation between the involvement of CBC and the feeling of empowerment in female participants through economic incentives, social power, and educational opportunities.


African Languages and Societies | African Studies | Environmental Monitoring | Environmental Sciences | Environmental Studies | Forest Management | Human Ecology | Natural Resources Management and Policy | Place and Environment | Women's Studies


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