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Denison University

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Spring 2019

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Czech Republic: Arts and Social Change


For my Independent Study Project, I designed a board game for young children inspired by the service learning activities held at ROROŠ. ROROŠ is a private organization located in the town of Nové Mešto pod Smrkem, offering different activities for children which provide a meaningful use of their leisure time. For a period of three weeks, I lived in Nové Mešto with Yveta Svobodová, one of the head directors of the organization. During my stay, I partook in several activities each week and used my experiences to generate new ideas when designing the final game. The game was completed by the end of the second week, and throughout the third week I would play it with the local children. Apart from embodying the cultural aspect of the community at ROROŠ, the game also encourages learning outside of the classroom by quizzing children on topics like general knowledge, indoor activities, sports and the English language. The game was donated to the organization on 12 May, 2019 at the end of my stay.


Early Childhood Education | Eastern European Studies | European Languages and Societies | Game Design | Slavic Languages and Societies | Social and Cultural Anthropology


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