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Tulane University

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Spring 2019

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Kenya: Global Health and Human Rights


Road traffic injuries are a growing public health problem throughout the world. Kenya has is known for having unsafe roads with an estimated 13,463 road traffic fatalities in 2016 and 24% of road traffic fatalities coming from 2-and 3-wheeled vehicles (WHO, 2018). This study sought to analyze road safety measures and road traffic injuries amongst motorbike taxi drivers in Kisumu, Kenya. A qualitative survey was administered to 152 motorbike taxi drivers in Kisumu over a two-week period in April 2019. The results were then analyzed. Results showed that 70% of drivers owned a helmet for themselves and 48.3% of drivers owned a helmet for their passenger. Regarding road traffic accidents, 57% of all drivers have been involved in an accident and 22% of all drivers have sustained a road traffic injury. The majority of motorbike taxi drivers are married men. Motorbike taxi driving is part of the informal economy in Kenya and employs many people and provides affordable transportation for many more people. It is important that safe driving skills are taught to motorbike taxi drivers as well as the importance of wearing helmets and other safety gear.


African Languages and Societies | African Studies | Emergency Medicine | Preventive Medicine | Regional Economics | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Transportation | Work, Economy and Organizations


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