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Pomona College

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Spring 2019

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Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights


The history of tourism in Morocco cannot be separated from the country’s colonial legacy. Tracing its’ roots back into the 1920s, tourism was yet another medium where the West manifested their fascination with exoticness in “the other”. Within the past decades, the Moroccan tourism industry has witnessed continued growth in tourist arrivals and media attention. Morocco’s geographical and linguistic proximity to Europe has made it an “accessible” option to many European tourists. Tourism is not only a promising driver of economic growth, an employment generator, but also has become how many foreign individuals come to understand the country. Through the careful examination of marketing materials and observations in Marrakech, the project will outline a tourist’s experience from research to arrival. It will focus on material and experiences generated by Moroccan governments and private organizations. How is Morocco packaged? What is included and excluded? What is the end narrative? Ultimately, this paper hope to identify the intersection of tourism, economic pressure, and colonial legacies.


Critical and Cultural Studies | Development Studies | International and Intercultural Communication | Marketing | Place and Environment | Public Relations and Advertising | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Tourism and Travel


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