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Lehigh University

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Spring 2019

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Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights


Tangier is an iconic city, with an image recognized internationally. Its image is created, not only by the city itself, but by its representation in the media. That said, it is worth considering, how true to Tangier is its image? This study considers this issue by addressing the following question: how does the image of Tangier, as represented in photographs, compare with that portrayed in the media? To accomplish this, a collection of 18 photographs over the area of Tangier, an area of 44 square miles, was taken. The photos were taken to as objectively as possible represent the city of Tangier. The images were then considered against images found in the media, specifically the internet, comparing urbanicity and visibility of the ocean. There appeared a large discrepancy in both indicators between Tangier and its representation in the media. While the findings were nonconclusive, it is worth further studying the ways that Tangier is represented differently in the media. Additionally, the photographs collected serve as valuable, standalone data, which could be used in further studies.


African Studies | Film and Media Studies | Journalism Studies | Mass Communication | Photography | Place and Environment | Urban Studies


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