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Wesleyan University

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Spring 2018

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Tanzania: Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology


The theory of evolution is a major tenet of biological science and has many practical applications, particularly in agriculture, medicine, and conservation. Nevertheless, there is significant opposition to the theory and its incorporation into school curricula, largely on religious grounds. This disconnect between public opinion and scientific opinion has been studied at length in the US and to some extent in other industrialized nations, but little is known about the issue in other communities around the world. This paper will use the town of Moshi, Tanzania as a case study in community views and knowledge about the theory of evolution. Information will be primarily gathered from questionnaires and interviews with participants from a range of age groups and education levels. The analysis will look for overall trends and correlations between demographic info and responses to questions on evolutionary topics.


African Languages and Societies | African Studies | Evolution | International and Intercultural Communication | Paleontology | Religion | Science and Mathematics Education | Social and Cultural Anthropology


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