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Emory University

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Spring 2018

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Nicaragua: Youth Culture, Literacy, and Media


The Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua is home to the greatest number of impoverished individuals in the country. However, the people of Pearl Lagoon - a municipality in the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region - have found a way to escape their poor economic situations.

Due to the municipality’s close proximity to drug routes utilized by Colombian cartels and to the country itself, community members have turned to the drug trade in hopes of pursuing financial secureness. With the introduction of the “white lobster” or cocaine packets, the community as a whole has transformed its social, economic, and political spheres. In addition, the area has been militarized by Nicaraguan officers, which may be seen a threat to the region’s already minimal autonomy.


Criminal Law | Development Studies | Inequality and Stratification | Latin American Languages and Societies | Latin American Studies | Regional Economics | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance | Substance Abuse and Addiction


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