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University of Oregon

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Fall 2019

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Switzerland: International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy


This research project conducts an analysis of the current situation in Crimea and attempts to contribute to the literature around a possible solution. Done so with the help of geopolitical analysis, the history of the region of Crimea is examined in-depth in an attempt to shed light on strategies for a resolution and provide background information. Geopolitical analysis as a form of study is then briefly explained and its relevancy for looking at global events and predicting outcomes explained. Next, three possible strategies for a solution are then presented and their viability analyzed through a geopolitical lens. These three strategies are: unilateral pressure and sanctions, multilateral incorporation, and a shared sovereignty approach. This project concludes by arguing that the best way to proceed towards a solution in Crimea is through a synthesis of all three strategies, with an emphasis on multilateral incorporation.


International Relations | Political Science


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