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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Fall 2006

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Fiji: Multiculturalism and Social Change


The music of Fiji is as diverse as its population, and acts as both a mirror and catalyst to the culture. Indo-Fijians and indigenous Fijians have been the main players in Fiji’s multiculturalism, and are therefore focused upon. This paper explores the ways in which music is used to extol the benefits and cope with the problems of Fiji’s multiculturalism through cross-cultural listening (viewed from a perspective of radio) and fusion music. Fusion between Indo-Fijian and indigenous Fijian music is especially important – although extremely rare, it is in many ways a metaphor for attempts at racial reconciliation in Fiji.. The paper also seeks to provide a basic foundation of the musical systems involved, with an emphasis on traditional genres.


Ethnomusicology | Music


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