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Wellesley College

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Fall 2019

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Morocco: Migration and Transnational Identity


My independent research project is a comparative study focusing on women experiences among the Mexican-U.S. borderlands and Moroccan-European borderlines. For the Mexican-U.S.American context, I will focus on females maquiladora workers and stay-at-home wives. For the Moroccan-European context, I will focus on the mujeres mulas – women mules. My paper will discuss the ways in which society and governments run under a male-dominated lens contributing to the placement of women in vulnerable positions.


African Languages and Societies | African Studies | Comparative Politics | Gender and Sexuality | Latin American Languages and Societies | Latin American Studies | Migration Studies | Race and Ethnicity | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Women's History | Women's Studies


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