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Saint Michael's College

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Spring 2019

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Indonesia: Arts, Religion, and Social Change


In this paper I wish to explore the topic of Sawah, Subak, and the impact tourism has on both of these important parts of Balinese culture. By starting with the history of subak, moving into the Green Revolution, then into the start of mass tourism, and coming all the way up until today, I would like to see how subak has changed and developed or how it hasn’t. I would also like to get a sense of what people see for the future of farming in Bali. To go about this, I talked with rice farmers, who are being directly affected, with tourists, to see if they understand their impact, with experts on business, to see what they feel are the issues, and with people from an NGO who are working to help right the wrongs that have been caused by the factors of tourism like pollution, issues of water and even natural disasters. Above all else, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding as to why this is happening, and to also understand it from an economic aspect because while it is easy to focus on the negative, there are also many positive impacts from tourism.


Agriculture | Asian History | Asian Studies | Civic and Community Engagement | Fresh Water Studies | Landscape Architecture | Other Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Place and Environment | Social and Cultural Anthropology | South and Southeast Asian Languages and Societies | Tourism | Water Resource Management


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