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The College of New Jersey

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Fall 2019

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China: Health, Environment, and Traditional Chinese Medicine


Before entering this program my knowledge of TCM was practically nonexistent. However even from a young age, I had an interest in learning about the healing properties of plants and herbs but, I had no way of exploring this interest of mine. After entering this program, I have learned more about TCM and herbal medicine. Because of the lessons that we have taken in class, it made me want to have a deeper understanding of TCM because of this, I decided to do an internship that would involve TCM. My time at Yang Zhen Er Kang clinic has taught me much about pediatric massage and herbal medicine. I have not only been taught about massage therapy and herbal medicine but I have also learned what it is like to work in a business in China, the difference between an American work environment and a Chinese work environment. Throughout the internship, I have faced several different difficulties but have learned to overcome them. I believe that this experience has been able to help me understand more about TCM and Chinese culture.


Alternative and Complementary Medicine | Asian Studies | Chinese Studies | Medicine and Health | Pediatrics | Somatic Bodywork and Related Therapeutic Practices

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