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Duke University

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Fall 2006

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Chile: Economic Development and Globalization


This investigation provides an in depth analysis of real estate development in the comuna of Pucón, Chile. The author begins by explaining the sentiment of real estate investment in Chile and continues by providing readers with a detailed background about the municipality of Pucón and its touristic economy. Next the author provides information about current property values in Pucon and what it is that drives the values of properties in the comuna most. By providing information about zoning law, tax law, Volcán Villarrica, infrastructure in the area, and the public’s perception of increased growth the author virtually targets all aspects of real estate development. It is not until the final sections of the investigation that the author reveals his own opinion on the subject matter. He explains that, in his opinion, in the next ten years Pucón will continue to be a good real estate market that will provide low but steady annual rates of appreciation. However, he believes that other markets in Chile will outperform Pucón and proceeds to list some markets that he feels have great potential. Specifically, the reader will learn that Pucón is a stable real estate market and one that is unlikely to burst as their is an aura to the town. The reader will also discover that Pucón is very accessible, has adequate infrastructure, and has a local population that is pro-development.


Economics | Growth and Development | Real Estate


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