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Fall 2019

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India: Public Health, Gender, and Community Action


Dengue virus is in a pandemic status and is a major public health issue in the modern world. The mosquito-borne disease is largely prevalent in Asia and specifically India, where more than half of the states are considered to have complete presence of the dengue virus. The intricate infrastructure of the Indian public health system looks for dengue cases at all levels and reports to the integrated disease surveillance programme (IDSP).

Analyses of the IDSP and trends of dengue cases was done in response to dengue outbreaks throughout the state. Geographic information system (GIS) maps were created to evaluate a geographic distribution of dengue cases; however, significant issues arose when collecting data. The first data set, the state level IDSP’s primary data source, was missing a significant number of cases. The other source of data, a line list compiled from Rajasthan’s eight medical college, had significantly many more cases than the prior, but was also incomplete and did not have features that allowed it to be categorized on a week by week setting, like the district reported data.

The analysis showed that men made up 69% of dengue patients in medical colleges. The medical college data also showed the ages most at risk for contracting dengue were between 15 and 29. In both sets of data, Jaipur, Kota and Jodhpur were the three most affected districts. However, there was a strong lack of symmetry between these two data sets after these top three districts. Many of the districts were found to have severely under reported their cases. Three districts in particular reported zero dengue cases when each district had over 100 cases reported by medical colleges. Despite this, the investigation done for this paper found the IDSP to still have had a significant impact on reducing the burdens of dengue due to the strong interventions by rapid response teams.


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