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Wesleyan University

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Fall 2019

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Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender


The sexual lives of women over the age of 50 are often forgotten from just about every medium. This research hopes to uncover how aging women interpret their current sexual selves, sexual histories, and changing bodies. In thinking about this, four women were interviewed about their life stories surrounded love, passion, and sex. Each of these women told brave accounts of their lives and through their narratives, we were able to draw theoretical conclusions about bodily shame, age performativity, and prescribed stereotypical roles. These four stories, told individually as to support each woman's personal narrative are vastly different yet intersect in many ways. The research concludes an important theoretical analysis of an aging woman's connection to life and how both age and gender are situated in a faulty timeline. Their unforgettable stories explore what life looks like as the years slip away and show how the process of aging is a universal human struggle.


Dutch Studies | Gender and Sexuality | Gerontology | Geropsychology | Oral History | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Women's Studies


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