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University of Virginia

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Spring 2020

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Tunisia and Italy: Politics and Religious Integration in the Mediterranean


Over the past nine years, Tunisian youth voter participation has been incredibly low. Once leaders of the country during its democratic revolution in January 2011, youth in Tunisia are now disillusioned with the Tunisian political sphere and have remained absent from formal politics, a transition that is both confusing and worrying. Tunisian youth have also had a dominant presence on Facebook during this time, often utilizing the online space for political activity in lieu of voting in elections and holding membership in political parties. This paper examines the relationship between the Facebook usage and participation in elections of Tunisia youth, ultimately suggesting that Facebook has helped exacerbate youth disillusionment and the ensuing issue of low youth voter participation.


Arabic Studies | Civic and Community Engagement | Politics and Social Change | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Social Influence and Political Communication | Social Media


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