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Smith College

Publication Date

Spring 2020

Program Name

Czech Republic: Arts and Social Change


This project explores the connection (physically and metaphorically) local users have to the public transit systems in Prague, recognizing and highlighting their gathered subjective experiences through a creative piece. The methods included a review of the history, planning, and development of the public transit systems (metro and tram) across time, as well the sociopolitical timeframe these occurred through. After rooting her knowledge within the relevant literature and history, the author asked six local users of public transit a series of 10 questions about their relationships, memories, stories, and feelings connected to traveling through the public transportation systems. These interviews and insights were then utilized to inspire the creative work, a 20 by 20ft 3D sculpture both physically and abstractly representing the transit systems in Prague. The final product was documented with an audio story and visual animation of the structure’s development.


European History | European Languages and Societies | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Sculpture | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Transportation | Urban Studies and Planning


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