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The George Washington University

Publication Date

Spring 2020

Program Name

Switzerland: Banking, Finance, and Social Responsibility


For six weeks I served as a finance intern with the Toilet Board Coalition (TBC) and created a Portfolio Presentation to deliver to TBC’s corporate board members in May. With my background in Public Health and interest in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, I was interested in learning how cross-sector partnerships can help accelerate global health development. My internship with TBC provided me with valuable firsthand experience in my topic of research, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), which I was able to compare alongside a formal literature review. In this research paper I combine my research with my internship experience to show that while PPPs have weaknesses, they can serve as a valuable tool in global health development. I also make several recommendations for future research initiatives that would help overcome these weaknesses.


Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | European Languages and Societies | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Public Affairs | Public Policy | Social Influence and Political Communication | Sustainability | Water Resource Management | Work, Economy and Organizations


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