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Franklin & Marshall College

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Spring 2020

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Switzerland: Global Health and Development Policy


The opioid epidemic is an extensive global problem, but it is not random that it is most severe in the United Sates. It is commonly believed that the individuals with substance use disorder and the health care system are at fault, however many people disregard the impact culture and systems have on substance use disorder. I tackled this gap by conducting formal qualitative interviews with experts in the field of addiction and dissecting academic work. After this research it is apparent that the American culture and institutions has made individuals vulnerable to become addicted to opioids while other similar European countries cultures contain protective factors that lowered their citizen’s risk to use opioids.


American Studies | Civic and Community Engagement | Community Health and Preventive Medicine | European Languages and Societies | Health Policy | Medicine and Health | Public Health Education and Promotion | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Substance Abuse and Addiction


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