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Brown University

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Spring 2020

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Switzerland: Global Health and Development Policy


Humanitarian supply chain logistics concern the flow of goods and services in public health delivery. Such supply chains operate in both general development contexts and in acute crisis situations. In this paper, I give an overview of supply chains and then explore some of the challenges and potential solutions in delivering goods and services effectively and efficiently. Specifically, I analyze procurement, maintaining quality goods, incentivizing countries to act, collaboration, verification, possible losses in the supply chain, and ensuring appropriate use of product. I conclude that although humanitarian supply chains pose unique challenges, there is surprising efficiency in the system. This efficiency, however, is paramount on clear communication between NGOs, national health ministries, governing bodies, transportation players, and clinics on the ground. Clear communication ensures that no product is lost, and product can safely and quickly be delivered to those in need.


Emergency and Disaster Management | Emergency Medicine | Health and Medical Administration | Health Communication | Health Policy | International Relations | Medicine and Health | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Operations and Supply Chain Management | Organizational Communication


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