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Cornell University

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Spring 2020

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Spain: Policy, Law, and Regional Autonomy in Europe


Debilitated by years of economic instability, the Spanish economy has not fully rebounded to its once strong place in the European market. And now, in the aftermath of a devastating pandemic, the nation will be searching for new sources of wealth. The lucrative market potential of controlled cannabis in medicinal and recreational settings is an attractive industry gaining popularity across Europe. This paper explores the various policy models and legal systems in Portugal, Germany, and the Netherlands. Combining a variety of sources, I seek to ascertain the best plan for Spain. Ultimately, analysis shows that a multi-pronged approach is the most shrewd way to introduce more progressive policy to Spain. This policy would include a fully integrated domestic cannabis industry, a cultural, non-partisan shift away from stigma, and market diversification. The best way forward is to continuously learn from mistakes.


Agronomy and Crop Sciences | Alternative and Complementary Medicine | Economic Policy | Economics | European Languages and Societies | Food and Drug Law | Health Policy | Other Chemicals and Drugs | Plant Breeding and Genetics | Politics and Social Change


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