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Colgate University

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Spring 2020

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Spain: Policy, Law, and Regional Autonomy in Europe


This paper discusses why Catalonia should be an independent state through its history with independence and its historical and modern-day use of rhetoric and symbolism. By delving into the history of the region and digging into the unique qualities of the region, we examine how Catalonia has drawn a line between itself and Spain. Historical attempts at independence, the Catalan language, use of mythology and legends – otherwise described as Catalan rhetoric – as well as the use of symbology are all outlined in this paper and reviewed in the context of how contemporary Catalonia is making another grab at liberation. Catalonia and the Spanish government’s behavior is compared to that of the similar case of the United Kingdom and the European Union. This essay reviews the current standing of Catalonia’s political scenery and social, day-to-day scenery and ends on the potential of what may occur in Catalonia’s future.


Civic and Community Engagement | Diplomatic History | European History | European Languages and Societies | International Relations | Peace and Conflict Studies | Politics and Social Change


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