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Bates College

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Spring 2006

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Madagascar: Ecology and Conservation


To preface my intentions, I never find myself viewing this place passively; I cannot help but be constantly attuned to the small struggles, conflicts, and successes that take place on a minute by minute basis as I roll through a village in a taxi-brousse or fly over the countryside in an airplane. I chose to study malaria in south-eastern Madagascar not only because it may have chosen me first, but because it is one of those continual struggles that is taking place between a plasmodium and red blood cells, families, communities, cultures, ethnicities, economic sectors, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations of the Malagasy. My intention for this independent study is to gain a new perspective on how the people most affected by malaria in Madagascar—the rural poor in the Toliara province—prevent, treat, and rationalize a malady that is intimately intertwined with their livelihoods.


Alternative and Complementary Medicine


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