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Vassar College

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Spring 2020

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Australia: Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology


Viral coinfection is an important topic in pathogen dynamics, and can increase viral shedding and change disease outcomes. As bats are carriers of important zoonoses, such as the SARS coronaviruses, rabies, and other deadly viruses, knowing more about their coinfection dynamics is important. This quantitative systematic literature review sought to show how many papers reported bat viral coinfections, and created three databases. The first database, the SQLR database was based on searches for coinfections. The second database, the Astrovirus database was to determine how much of the literature was being missed by examining a single viral family more in depth and determining how many papers were identified in the SQLR database. The third database focused on Dependoparvovirus, a viral genus which has been thought to require coinfection in the past. A total of 725 coinfected bats became a part of the SQLR database. The studies were mostly done in Asia, and a few trends in bat and viral families appeared. Bat field virology has a lot of valuable data, and not all of it is reported in an accessible way.


Bioinformatics | Data Science | Research Methods in Life Sciences | Virology | Virus Diseases | Zoology


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