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The George Washington University

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Spring 2020

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Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights


This research delves into how Christian organizations serving displaced populations and migrants from other countries in Morocco navigate religious diversity. The research explores how Christian NGOs navigate their religious identity in a predominantly Muslim society as well as how they aid migrants in being able to practice their faith. The paper examines what displacement looks like in Morocco, the complexity of how Islam is incorporated into the Moroccan constitution, and the breakdown of organizations providing services to refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants in Morocco. A hybrid case study-literature review approach is taken to highlight the ways in which two Christian organizations, CARITAS and Comite d’Entraide (CEI) play out their religious identity in working with migrants. By utilizing existing public literature about these organizations as well as conducting interviews with individuals associated with them, this project surveys the nature of the religious element in the operations, programming, and structures of the organizations.


African Studies | Christianity | Islamic Studies | Migration Studies | Nonprofit Administration and Management


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