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University of South Carolina

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Fall 2021

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Switzerland: Global Health and Development Policy


In recent years, the noticeable increase in migration has placed scrutiny on the migrant-sensitive services provided in healthcare settings globally. Migrants, in general, experience different health issues and worse health outcomes than non-migrants. In response to this, healthcare systems around the world have begun implementing migrant-sensitive healthcare (MSHC) systems; yet, although nearly a third of the world’s population experiences some health condition that would benefit from rehabilitation, the implementation of MSHC rehabilitation services have been critically understudied. This paper seeks to investigate the geographic and MSHC accessibility of rehabilitation in Geneva, Switzerland to fill the current gap of literature and identify areas to improve accessibility to these services for migrants. Preliminary results revealed that there are several areas within the canton of Geneva where a migrant would struggle to reach MSHC or general rehabilitation services on either public transportation or via walking. An analysis of the websites of both hospitals and private facilities in Geneva also revealed a general lack of MSHC offerings. The current trend towards integrating MSHC systems globally is crucial to begin providing equitable healthcare to migrants, but the results of this paper reveal that there is still much more work to be done and new concepts to consider in this process to truly eliminate the healthcare disparity for migrants.


European History | Health Policy | Health Services Administration | International Relations | Medicine and Health | Migration Studies | Rehabilitation and Therapy


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