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Grinnell College

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Fall 2021

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Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights


Healthcare access in Morocco for migrants has been a topic of growing interest. With the implementation of migration reforms in response to Morocco becoming a destination for migrants, it is important to assess the effectiveness of government policies in aiding migrant health. Additionally, assessing other political actors' influence in government policies is equally important. Through research of existing scholarship, I theorize that the biggest issue impacting migrant access to health is the illegalization of migrants. Without being a legal resident, let alone in asylum or a refugee, migrants cannot access public health services without the fear of deportation. Local and International NGOs currently play a large role in facilitating health care visits for migrants, but it is limited. Additionally, with the refugee determination process being under the UNHCR and not the ministry of health, the jurisdiction between national law and the UN becomes blurred. Nevertheless, both actors must collaborate to continue increasing access to healthcare services while streamlining the process of legalization in Morocco.


African Languages and Societies | African Studies | Health Policy | Health Services Administration | Medicine and Health | Migration Studies


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