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Carleton College

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Fall 2021

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Iceland: Climate Change and The Arctic


Climate change threatens the existence of glaciers worldwide. In order to properly interact with these changing systems, we must first understand them. Glacial models provide an excellent way to do this; however, the language and mathematical concepts used in their creation is generally inaccessible to a common audience. This project presents an online resource for a general audience to interact with climate science, glaciology, and glacial modeling. Long term goals for the project include the incorporation of a glacial model of Drangajökull, Vestfirðir, NW Iceland. As such, focus for the project includes a literature review of glaciers, Drangajökull in particular, climate science, and mathematical modeling (as related to glaciers). In an effort to increase accessibility, plain language is prioritized over specific vocabulary, being careful not to reduce clarity or present false information. Results can be found at glaciersite.webflow.io.


Climate | Data Science | Environmental Monitoring | Glaciology | Place and Environment | Statistical Models


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