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University of Connecticut

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Spring 2022

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Switzerland: Global Health and Development Policy


As global trends in both production and consumption of plastics continue to evolve, the bioaccumulation and biomagnification of microplastic particles in our everyday lives follow suit. This increasingly relevant problem has only recently been explored in the context of global health, and more specifically, reproductive health. Along with this steady increase in plastics and our exposure to them, researchers have separately observed adverse patterns in reproductive health. The chemicals involved throughout the microplastic life cycle may be playing a key role in these simultaneous patterns. With the aid of previous studies and publications on microplastics, exposure pathways, endocrine disruptors, and reproductive health, the goal of this paper is to establish the linkages between these topics and explore the possibility of a causal relationship.


Biochemistry | Bioethics and Medical Ethics | Chemicals and Drugs | Environmental Studies | Health Policy | Medicine and Health | Public Health | Reproductive and Urinary Physiology


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