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Denison University

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Spring 2022

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Tunisia and Italy: Politics and Religious Integration in the Mediterranean


Over a decade since the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, a new generation has come into adulthood, grappling with anxieties about their future in the midst of continuous national instability. This paper aims to bridge their sentiments of disillusionment and disengagement towards politics together with general conceptions of life by ‘Generation-Z’ women (between the ages of 18 and 30). The findings follow conceptions of history, freedoms, rights and personal life, particularly as they are affected by gender in Tunisian society. Specifically, this study is interested in how these aspects have changed from before to after the political changes of the past decade, and how they are reflected on by those with limited memory of before. The paper draws on formal (published) literature as well as contemporary online articles on new experimental frameworks, as well as interviews and survey responses from local women based in or near the capital city of Tunis.


African Studies | Gender and Sexuality | History of Gender | Politics and Social Change | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Women's History | Women's Studies


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