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Ithaca College

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Spring 2006

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Fiji: Multiculturalism and Social Change


The focus of this paper is the cultural tabu, or taboo, in Fiji that prevents the open discussion of sex and therefore complicates education efforts towards HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. Specific factors perpetuate the tabu including using it as an excuse to simply ignore a complex issue such as HIV/AIDS and using it to keep sex off social agendas in a predominantly Christian nation. Where organizations have taken strides to work with or break the tabu, the author examines and analyzes various education strategies employed by a variety of sectors including schools, health care facilities, faith-based organizations, the HIV positive community, non-government and government organizations. The most effective educational strategies involve peer education and influencing prominent social leaders to speak about sex and make it less of a tabu subject.


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Public Health Education and Promotion


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