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Trinity University

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Spring 2022

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Senegal: Global Security and Religious Pluralism


This research studies the community of women in Senegal whose husbands migrate to other countries for work. I examine how migration has impacted their marriages and their understanding of their roles as wives. I aim to answer the following question: How does migration affect women’s relationships with their husbands, their roles and responsibilities as wives, and their standing in society? To answer this question, I interviewed six women whose husbands work abroad. Before interviewing these women, I will arrange an initial conversation so we can get to know one another. This pre-interview also will allow me to determine other potential participants, as I am to use a snowball sampling method. The official interview may be one-on-one, but I am also open to group interviews should women know other women they would like to join. This research aims to understand how Senegalese women interpret their relationships with their husbands, as well as how larger Senegalese understandings of marriage have adapted to the realities of globalization. As part of this project, I aim to explore how notions of global security extend beyond traditional definitions into the spheres of family life and the home, particularly for transnational families.


African Languages and Societies | African Studies | Family, Life Course, and Society | Gender and Sexuality | Migration Studies | Politics and Social Change | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Women's Studies


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